Live Blues.
Music of the moment.

The Musicians in alphabetical order:
Steve Ferrone - Drums, John March - Guitar
Tim Scott - Bass and Vocals, and Jeff Young - B3 Organ/Kbds

Special guests appear on: "Messin' with the Kid, and "I love you more then you'll ever know",

Steve Madaio on Trumpet, Tom Saviano on Tenor Sax, Milen Kirov on Kbds.

Rev. Dave Boruff - Tenor Sax solo on "Real Mother".

Recorded at Westlake Audio Studio C 12/04/04

Recording engineer Jeff Kanan

Recording engineer for "Messin with the Kid" and "I love you more", Cesar Ramirez,

assistant engineer Aaron Walk,

and also overdubs recorded at

Drumroll Studios 12/11/04

Mixed at IAGstudios December/January 2004

Produced and Mixed by John March

Website by John March

CD artwork by D'Lanie Blaze, Leisa Ciaverelli and Jailhouse Graphics.

Special thanks to:

Steve Burdick at Westlake Audio, for years of friendship and unconditional support, and his willingness to help create a humane environment to record and create music. Also to Cheri Huber for being a great teacher, guide and friend, and to Richard Gilbert for 25 years of friendship and support. Also a special thanks to Sarah Novak, without your patience, kindness, and healing skills, I would never have been able to do this. I will always remember you and be grateful for having met you in this lifetime.

Tim wishes to thank: Katherine Kelso Scott, Jonathan Allen, my brothers Jeff and Cal and their families, all of my many friends who have always supported the path I've chosen, and a special thanks to The Creator for my life and my gifts. 

Steve wishes to thank: Dave Green drum tech, and Delia for showing me what the blues is about.

Also a very special thank you to Brenda Visceglia for all of her help.

This CD is dedicated to our kids; Jesse, Jonathan, Skyler and Nico, Jason, Rebecca, Alex, & Whitney


John March endorses the following products and wishes to thank:
Dimarzio Pickups
Fuchs Audio Technology
Royer Mics
Buzz Feiten Intonation System
Picks and Stones Guitar Picks
Westlake Audio Section-For-Hire
CA Guitars
Victoria Amps and cabinets
Bogner cabinets
Jamie Kime Pedalboards
Bruce Nelson at Nelson Guitarwerks

Tim Scott endorses the following products and wishes to thank:
Alfonzo Pinzon at Fernandes Guitars
Tien Lawrence at Mesa/Boogie
David Lienhard at Dean Markley Strings
Mike Perez at Nady Systems, Inc.
Tom Stotler at AKG Acoustics
Josh Fiden at Voodoo Lab

Steve Ferrone endorses the following products and wishes to thank:
Pearl Drums
Sabian Cymbals
Remo heads
Promark Sticks

This recording belongs entirely to John March and Zen Blues Quartet. © February 2005

Property of Shunyata Records™

All rights reserved.

Warning: All rights reserved, including all rights of the Producer and of the owner of the recorded work. Unauthorized copying, public performance, broadcasting, hiring or rental of this recording is strictly prohibited, as provided by applicable law.Unauthorized duplication of this recorded material may also result in consequences Karmic in nature, ©2005.

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