Zen Blues

Because we can...

Tim Scott

Bass and Vocals

Mike Finnigan

B3 Organ and Vocals

John March



Steve Ferrone



Zen Blues Quartet began two and a half years ago as an experiment in "Art for the sake of good Art". We had no expectations, no goals, no ideas that anyone would even hear what we were doing, other then our friends and fellow musicians. We recorded the first CD in one day, with no rehearsal and no plan, just to see what would happen. We did some gigs, sold a bunch of CD's, ended up being reviewed quite well, and a lot of people liked what we did. In fact enough so that we decided we wanted to do another one.

When Mike Finnigan joined us for a few gigs, (when Jeff Young left to go on tour with Steely Dan), it was pretty obvious that he and Tim had a magic quality that really clicks in when they sing together. The sound of the band got really huge when Mike joined, and so we decided it was time to do another CD.

We had always agreed that, should we go along and make another CD, we would introduce more original materials. On the first CD we covered some of our favorite tunes. On this CD we still do some unusual covers, but we also showcase great original music by the band members.

We spent a few days at Westlake Recording, again with the support and encouragement of my good friend Steve Burdick, owner of Westlake. The sound of the band just blossomed, and then when Bill Churchville and the LA horns came on board the whole sound just exploded beautifully!

We actually mixed and mastered the CD back in June before we all went on the road for the summer, but after mastering we were just not convinced that it was the best possible representation of the band, so we decided to delay distribution. We re-mixed and re-mastered and now believe we have made something unique and special. A truly beautiful exploration, both musically and sonically.

It seems to us that people have forgotten that great music is that which call our attention so intently, so passionately, to the moment, to this moment. Blues is powerful music because it is the heart speaking the truth in the moment. These days with computers and sequencing and cut and paste music, the soul of music seems to be eroding. We wanted, as always, to show that musicians in a room, playing powerful and exciting music, can make something unique that shines in ways that a lot of this "paint by numbers" music does not offer. What excited us about music when we all started playing, was musicians on the edge, taking chances and having the dedication and craft that allowed them to do that.

This CD is definitely a labor of love. A love for music that comes from the heart, the soul, for the music of the Blues. We are not trying to re-invent the wheel here, nor sound like what has come before. We are trying to be honest and true to who we all are as individuals and as a collective. In the end run that is really what the Blues is about; being true to the moment, the passion of that truth expressed in powerful music.

"The music on this CD is part of the brief and beautiful flame of my life. Precious and swift is this dream we all share. Music, and the gift of music, binds us in its ineffable call to attend the passion of the moment. I need this "music of the moment", because it risks stumbling, (even though that is not really possible with good music), and in so doing, creates something fragile and powerful, beautiful and fleeting. I am honored that the dream of my life has lead me here to this brief and flickering moment. To play music with my friends, and make something beautiful for no reason, other then simply because we can, because we must! That, for me, is a life well lived. To choose to make something unique and honest and powerful, simply because it needs to exist. Our world needs more senseless acts of beauty.

May all beings be free from the root causes of suffering, Again and yet again may it be so..."

John March 11/29/07

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