Live Blues.
Music of the moment.


The Musicians and credits:

Mike Finnigan - Hammond B3 Organ, Piano, Vocals
Tim Scott - Bass and Vocals
John March - Guitars
Steve Ferrone - Drums

Special guests The LA Horns, Featuring; Rev. Dave Boruff - Saxophones, Bill Churchville - Trumpets, Ed Wynne- Saxophones.

Specials Guests; Carmen Grillo - Background Vocals, Curtis Salgado - Blues Harmonica, Marty Grebb - Rhodes Piano

Horn Arrangements by Bill Churchville

Produced, engineered and mixed by John March

Principal recording February 2007 2nd and 3rd at Westlake Recording,

Vocal Overdubs at Big Surprise Music Studio

Keyboard overdubs at High Fidelity studios

Guitar overdubs at IAGstudios.
Mixed at IAGstudios.

Additional engineering credits: Westlake recording: Brian Warwick (Protools Op/Assistant Engineer), Eric Rennaker (Assistant Engineer), Brian Naguit (Assistant Engineer), Sara Clark (Organizational Goddess)
Carmen Grillo and Johnny Lee Schell

Audio consultants: Bruce Nazarian and Jim Baldree, without whom I would not have been able to mix this CD because they came, they listened, and they gave me honest perspective and invaluable support and advice when I was lost in the mixes! Thank You!!

John would like to thank and acknowledge:
Eliot Ivanhoe and Barbra Freidman for their invaluable and unconditional support that allowed me to be able to make this CD, My son Jesse, Marjorie Helen Martinez mon petit papillon, Deb and Paul and the entire Dempsey clan for love and friendship and great sing-alongs, Cheri Huber for her wisdom and Guidance in all things Zen, Myles Rose for his unflagging generosity and support, Steve Burdick and Westlake recording and for his constant willingness to take risks and support good music, Brenda Visceglia, Carmen Grillo and Johnny Lee Schell for their generosity and great studios, Dave Dewolfe and Quantum Wealth Management, and all the musicians on this CD who contributed their time and talents.

Tim would like to thank:
My Creator, family and friends, my co-creator in music and on these CD's and support buddy John, and the great fans of ZBQ.
Acknowledgements: Mesa/Boogie Amps, Spirit Musical Products, Fernandes Guitars, Dean Markley Strings, NADY Systems Ltd, AKG Microphones, Voodoo Lab.

Mixed at IAGstudios September - November 2007

Matered by Robert Vosgien at Capitol Mastering in Hollywood 11/07

Produced and Mixed by John March

Website by John March

CD artwork by D'Lanie Blaze, Leisa Ciaverelli and Jailhouse Graphics.


John March endorses the following products and wishes to thank:
Dimarzio Pickups
Fuchs Audio Technology
Royer Mics
Buzz Feiten Intonation System
Picks and Stones Guitar Picks
Westlake Audio Section-For-Hire
Jamie Kime Pedalboards
Bruce Nelson at Nelson Guitarwerks

Tim Scott endorses the following products and wishes to thank:
Alfonzo Pinzon at Fernandes Guitars
Tien Lawrence at Mesa/Boogie
David Lienhard at Dean Markley Strings
Mike Perez at Nady Systems, Inc.
Tom Stotler at AKG Acoustics
Josh Fiden at Voodoo Lab

Steve Ferrone endorses the following products and wishes to thank:
Pearl Drums
Sabian Cymbals
Remo heads
Promark Sticks

This recording belongs entirely to John March and Zen Blues Quartet. © November 2007

Property of Shunyata Records™

All rights reserved.

Warning: All rights reserved, including all rights of the Producer and of the owner of the recorded work. Unauthorized copying, public performance, broadcasting, hiring or rental of this recording is strictly prohibited, as provided by applicable law.Unauthorized duplication of this recorded material may also result in consequences Karmic in nature, ©2007.



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